Born in Germany in 1993 and raised in Italy.

I moved to London in 2012 to undertake my BA in Illustration & Visual Media communications. I am currently working as an art director, photographer and film-maker still based in London, working in-between personal projects and commissions for various contexts. 

I am also part-time art director & in-house photographer at since 2015.

Photo by Chiara R. Bini

Photo by Chiara R. Bini

Since I was a kid I love playing around with my creativity, giving them still undefinable shapes. More than anything else I love telling stories about people, places and life bites through multimedia ways of expression. My studies allowed me to practice different forms of art such as graphics, drawing, printing, video etc challenging me to overcome any kind of limit. 

While traveling I continuously meet people that fascinate me and intrigue me. I would like to story tell through hybrid media their faces, passions, ways of living and soul shades.

Here, I collect portraits of a small selection of those that I have involved in my adventure. This platform aims to be the extension of the journals I have always written, the photographs and videos I have always shot and gathered in books, short personal movies and boxes full of memories. From here indeed "IN DER KISTE" which in German means "in the box".

Eventually, I would say that what I love is telling about flavors I taste.